Hungry Hellcats

Hungry Hellcats

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 6

It's Wednesday again.  Today's biggest challenge was where we were going to dine.  What establishment was going to be blessed with our presence. We met and had a quick discussion and then we were off.  When we arrived to our destination we were quickly greeted by the hostess.  She then asked if we wanted dining room or bar/lounge area.  Mommom always enjoys bar side.  We were seated then promptly greeted by our server.  The atmosphere was inviting yet deceiving.  They were several Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys hung on the wall which made me want some buffalo wings and beer.  To my surprise all I saw was 'Truffle Porridge' and 'Crispy Veal'.  We then decide on an appetizer.. Bacon Wrapped Scallops. They came out quickly. We gave them a 10 for presentation..  Mommom scarfed them down.  I on the other hand was timid.. I did not enjoy the gummy texture.

My glass was almost empty and I could see I would not be receiving a refill anytime soon.  Mommom then asked her if I could have another iced tea.  She comes back with a, brace yourself, a cup of ice.  A CUP OF ICE.  Things took a turn for the worst...    Our food arrives..   Mommom was left without silverware.  They took it away with the dirty plates and never returned with more... on purpose.  I got a New York Strip and fries.  Mommom got some crappy pasta with beef tips.  After waiting a life time for a new fork we were unimpressed with out entrees.  It is obvious they were enjoying my suffering from this unseasoned steak.  The only thing I found tolerable were the fries..  You can't screw up a potato.   Mommom's pasta was extremely undercooked almost crunchy.  She tried to draw the attention of the server but was quickly rejected and we had no choice but to pass judgment.  She finally notifies her of the inedible garbage and we were offered dessert on the house, which of course we accept. We share a moment of comfortable silence and we realize they are playing John Mayor.. What is this? We had enough of theirmocking.  Our cheesecake arrives.  Were content again.  Until we had a taste of the sickening mistake.  Unacceptable.  We are finally aware of how sadistic they truly are.  Mommom has one last simple request.. a cup of coffee.  Her coffee arrives and when she asked for sugar she receives the most ungodly look as if she were mad.  We were again left with no choice but to judge her.  We were offered boxes. The servants then took away our plates.. We can only assume they were trying to poison us.. There is no logic in this place.  The check arrived and we could not wait to escape this hell we had been bound to. 

Until next time...

The Hellcats